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In Iowa, one woman was killed and 24 were injured when horses, pulling a cart in the July 4th parade, ran wild. The horses got spooked after they rubbed heads and one’s bridle fell off, police said. They ran about six blocks, moving up onto sidewalks and back into the road, plowing through children lined […]

Nasty Love


How is it possible that a liberal congressman, filled with love and compassion, assaults an innocent kid with a video camera? Must be because he’d had a long day of empathy. After questioning Etheridge on whether he supports the “Obama agenda,” the North Carolina Democrat demanded to know who the students were. The interviewer said […]

Ask and we shall receive (see the next post down, where I long for more honest liberals.) Right on cue, to lead us happily into weekend, comes another darling of the empathy crowd, Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida.

Dick Durbin -a compassionate Democrat!

Empathy Tax


As President Obama looks for judges who will turn the Supreme Court from blind justice to Affirmative Action Justice, his party continues to show its compassion. If you’re thinking of refinancing your mortgage, you might want to act fast. Gov. John Lynch is looking at a proposal that would tax refinancings the same way we […]