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David Axelrod admits that the Watergate style tactics that Democrats use aren’t foreign to him.

Like it Is


Leave it to the nation’s newest senator to Tell It Like it Is to the Prez. Newly arrived Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts accused President Barack Obama and Democrats on Saturday of a “bitter, destructive and endless” drive to pass health overhaul legislation that Brown warned would be disastrous. Personally, I don’t think the […]

Hopey Changey


Sarah Palin did her keynote at the Tea Party Convention last night. Ms. Palin gave the Tea Party crowd exactly what they wanted to hear, declaring the primacy of the Tenth Amendment in limiting government powers, complaining about the bailouts and the “generational theft” of rising deficits, and urging the audience to back conservative challengers […]

When the guy who runs the country, David Axelrod, discussed moving the terror trials out of New York yesterday, he went out of his way to make sure we knew that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a murderer, not a terrorist. Why does this distinction please liberals so? Axelrod justifies being wrong on trying terrorists in […]

Rolling Heads


You would think that her support of fetishism, pornography, prostitution and homosexuality would make Camille Paglia an Obama sort of liberal. She did support him in the election – but now she’s complaining. Heads should be rolling at the White House for the embarrassing series of flubs that have overshadowed President Obama’s first seven weeks […]

Dead Teachers


President Obama is determined not to focus in on fixing the banking system, and thus, the economy. Instead, he is running scattershot over a wide range of issues, creating new distractions by the week. President Obama today sharply criticized America’s public school system, and he outlined a strategy to reward good teachers and fire bad […]

Mini B.O.


President Obama has a mini-me. He is Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts. Why are they attached at the hip? Both are attractive, Harvard educated black liberals who are eminently unqualified for the offices they hold, but were able to win office based on a master plan by consultant David Axelrod. Axelrod understood the power […]