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President Obama’s friends spent the weekend throwing him under the bus, an activity that Barack is well familiar with. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday he doesn’t regret voting for President Barack Obama in in 2008. Wow. That’s reassuring! “It was the right choice when the nation voted for him. He has done […]

Back in Hiding


Democrats have been unusually open since the election of Barack Obama, feeling, perhaps, that their fringe beliefs had been embraced by America’s center. This was a mistake – for Democrats to win elections, they’ve got to hide their agenda. Remember the President discussing guns and religion during the campaign? Legislators’ election year anxiety after Republican […]

Frayed Nerves


You can’t blame folks at Coakley headquarters for being a bit nervous when they encounter reporters. Things are also tense at the Boston Globe, which declared Martha Coakley a winner today in an online election map – based on the returns they had in so far! There’s only one problem, guys – the polls are […]

Together We Can


Does this schedule for today’s activites sound like the plan for someone seeking office, or for someone holding office? MORNING – He attends the groundbreaking for the Wind Technology Testing Center. Massport Autoport 100 Terminal Street Charlestown MIDDAY – He visits the Quincy Council on Aging Kennedy Center. 440 East Squantum Street Quincy AFTERNOON – […]

Friday morning I was speculating on the air that Barack Obama and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick aren’t really all that tight despite media assumptions of a “close” friendship. Plagued by his own plummeting polls and playing to empty seats at a high-roller Hub fund-raiser, President Obama acknowledged yesterday that his close friend and political alter […]

No Snow


Too bad it wasn’t snowing today with Barack pushing climate change at MIT. There was some snow on the teleprompter, however, forcing the President to do what he is best at – speak from the heart. How excited were the MIT kids to “be there” with the President?



Pool report describing an historic day. 3 p.m. – The president has departed the fundraiser and is heading back to Air Force One at Logan. Mission accomplished, the tally from the event hits $600,000, officials say. If you’re on the Mass Pike, you just got blocked off to make way for the motorcade. Earlier… After […]