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Stop Spending


Barack Obama, struggling to communicate any emotional connection to lives devastated by the Gulf Oil Crisis, could take some lessons from Rick Santelli of CNBC. It’s the same advice he’s ignoring from the American people.

Crashing Down


There’s talk at the White House of need for a new stimulus. Larry Summers, President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, has asked Congress to “grit its teeth” and approve a fresh fiscal boost of $200bn to keep growth on track. “We are nearly 8m jobs short of normal employment. For millions of Americans the economic […]

Double Trouble


It seems the president learned alot on his visit with his Chinese counterpart. Obama now knows enough to fear… himself! He (warned) that there’s a threat of a “double-dip recession” if the government piles on too much more debt. A “double-dip” occurs when the economy quickly slips back into recession after emerging from a downturn. […]