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One of the great ironies of the perceived compassion of the Democrats is that they oversee racism and limited opportunities for America’s children. The neediest students in California high schools are being taught by the least prepared teachers, a new study shows. This is presumably true in every city in the country. Few highly skilled […]

Knowledge Rap


For your listening pleasure? Just a couple months ago, Watertown 17-year-old Kevin Phu was writing rhymes in his bedroom for fun, with no idea that he’d soon star in a rap video that’s been seen by not just friends and family but by his teachers, school officials, and people across the country. The video by […]

Does America benefit if unions are made more powerful? In my mind, they are one of the most destructive forces in the country, and their partnership with the Democrats has led to the demise of important things like public education and the American car manufacturers. So, why do we have a president who wants to […]

For years I’ve been trying to open people’s minds to the reality that there is no more destructive force in the lives of America’s children, and minorities, than the Democratic Party. Finally, as a matter of conscience, some liberals are starting to speak the truth. Good schools constitute a far more potent weapon against poverty […]

It is Racism


If you’re the elected Governor of one of these United States, can you still view yourself as a victim? Sure – why not? Gov. David A. Paterson lashed out on Friday at critics who say he should not run for election, and he suggested that he was being undermined by an orchestrated, racially biased effort […]

How delightful will it be when Democratic hospitals are run like the Democrats education system? There will be the Public Hospitals. These are the ones that will have doctors all paid the same amount, whether they are good at what they do or not. Their only pay incentives will be to stay on the job, […]

Democrats successfully pose as being “for the children,” or the “education candidate,” while pursuing policies that are utterly destructive to those goals. That’s why it’s rare to have liberals admit the truth, as the Boston Globe did in the first paragraph of an education story today. Surging levels of poverty and immigration present some of […]