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GOP consultant Steve Schmidt, who ran the McCain campaign four years ago, thinks Republicans have a Tea Party Problem. 50,000 Latinos turn 18 evey month in this country… we will be a regional party, we will not be competitive in national elections… we have given away 5 senate seats… by nominating loons… Advertisements

The panel on ABC’s This Week program runs through it’s predictions for the presidential race, with rabid Dem Donna Brazile unsure whether Obama can win the popular vote. … on the popular vote, I do believe that President Obama will eek it out barely… it is a tie…

To put you in a good mood for the day, I offer you this. The election will not be close… Facts matter, especially to those concerned about the country, their futures, and the futures of their grandchildren. The electorate may not be the brightest, as H.L. Mencken always reminded us. But they do feel pain […]