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Hostage Crisis


Not only is a serious crisis a terrible thing to waste, it’s a waste being president if you’re not creating a crisis. Obama tells Kyl in private Oval Office meeting: I won’t secure border because then Republicans will have no reason to support “comprehensive immigration reform.” …the President told him, regarding securing the southern border […]

Two Hands


Wow. What a whopper has been offered up by the White House with the cooperation of Bill Clinton to explain the job offer to Joe Sestak, designed to convince him to stay out of the senate race that he won last week. White House Counsel Robert Bauer said Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel asked President […]

How are things going for David Axelrod, the Karl Rove of the Obama Administration? In a lengthy interview in his office on Wednesday, Mr. Axelrod was often defiant, saying he did not give a “flying” expletive “about what the peanut gallery thinks” and did not live for the approval “of the political community.” Ah. I […]

Stealing Values


Is the Democratic Party going triangulate on the GOP and try to steal away their long standing position as the party of values? Rahm was talking values and responsibility on Meet the Press yesterday. Did he mean responsibility as in ‘personal responsibility?’