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Barack Fraudama


For some reason, the Iraq betrayal has gone virtually unmentioned. Obama will immediately begin to remove our troops from Iraq. He will remove one to two combat brigades each month, and have all of our combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months. Once the anti-war candidate, the President now plans on keeping the Iraq […]

Wrong Again!


It was self-evident to liberals, one of their mantras. Cheney was the real president. In the waning days of the Bush administration, Vice President Dick Cheney launched a last-ditch campaign to persuade his boss to pardon Lewis (Scooter) Libby – and was furious when President George W. Bush wouldn’t budge. George W. was too dumb, […]



A good chunk of the contempt for the presidency of George W. Bush is based on an endless liberal media lament over certain actions that, we were told, were destroying America as we know it. Barack channeled many of these complaints during the campaign, but that was a long time ago. Now that he is […]