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Courting Elena


President Obama will announce Elena Kagan as his choice for the Supreme Court today. She is expected not to cause a major uproar, as she doesn’t have a record of identified radicalism, there is reason to believe there might be some substantial tussling. “It’s absolutely imperative given her lack of a track record of any […]

Senate Decorum


So… was it a good deal?

As context to this story, I’d like to remind you of my operating theory. Nothing Democrats say or do can be trusted. It seems as if within minutes of the SEC filing suit against Goldman Sachs, the media was reporting that this news would destroy resistance in congress to the financial reform bill. “The timing […]

I’m Down


You are not alone. Yale University’s endowment has lost 25 percent, or $5.5 billion, in four months, becoming the latest wealthy university to say how much of a bite the current financial crisis has taken out of its finances. Yale President Richard Levin wrote to the school’s faculty and staff on Tuesday, warning them the […]