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It turns out that British liberals aren’t that different from ours here – they love to call people they disagree with nasty names. Gordon Brown is already expected to lose his reelection bid as British Prime Minister next week, but today’s incident, in which he made a rude comment as he drove off after a […]

Blind Man


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown sends a hand-written note to the families of all troops killed at war. That’s the good news. The bad news is that, in at least one case, he made mistakes that infuriated the mother of one such casualty. When he called to apologize, she lambasted him – and secretly recorded […]



The Obama gift of an iPod for the Queen has gotten many laughs. Compared to the photo of the Queen and her husband that the President received in return, it seems to me that the Queen made out pretty well.



Instead of Gordon Brown, consider that these remarks are being made about President Obama. If the shoe fits… Where was the teleprompter?