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Party Bomb


There’s some controversy in the Tea Party movement, with bomb thrower Mark Williams, the spokesman for the national Tea Party Express, writing a stupid attempt at satire that failed miserably, leading to cries of racism. The National Tea Party Federation severed its ties with the organization over the weekend after it refused to cast out […]

Go to Guy


Dino Rossi has lost twice in his attempt to become Governor of Washington State, so he was reluctant to jump into the race to unseat longtime incumbent Democrat Patty Murray in the senate. Who convinced him to take the plunge? Scott Brown. Rossi was one of many candidates — ranging from top-tier GOP recruits to […]

Rally Tonight


We hope to see you tonight in Quincy for the Pass the Perry rally. The Perry Amendment, offered by Cape Cod state Rep and Congressional candidate Jeff Perry, would change Massachusetts policy and block state benefits for illegal immigrants. We’re having a protest in support of that bill, which, while not passed by the House […]