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Smoking Guns


The Obama folks have spent the past week recovering from the embarrassing performance of Janet Napolitano a week ago Sunday, as well as the President’s poor positioning statement from Hawaii the day after. So why was Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan saying things like this yesterday about the Christmas Day BVD Bomber. “Well, first […]

I’m still trying to figure out what’s up with the Obama Administration’s decision to bring some of the terrorists from Gitmo to New York City for trial in U.S. Courts – how does this help the country, or the President? A controversial criminal defense lawyer from New York City, Scott L. Fenstermaker was thrust into […]

No to Nimby


College towns are the best place to see the liberal vision realized in policy. Amherst, Massachusetts, home to UMASS, Amherst and other schools, is the wackiest town in the state. This quaint leafy town in Western Massachusetts is known for its diverse mix of college students and retirees, a former farming community characterized by suburban […]

Knowing Dick


Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are celebrating their continued control over foreign policy in a fantasy meal at a fancy restaurant in today’s Maureen Dowd column. “You’re running national security now and everyone knows it,” Rummy says. “You got Obama to do an about-face on the torture photos. He’s using our old line about how […]

Cheney’s Pew


Call me naive – I guess I am – for I continue to be surprised by the brutal deceipt of those who once populated the anti-Bush movement. Consider Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, a pivotal anti-war Democrat with Vietnam experience, who today joined Obama as a Bush Democrat. Two years ago, Webb spoke to reporters […]