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What’s worse – Tony Hayward and his sailing or the president and his Lip Service Leadership? With the oil spill far from under control, the sailing photos have sparked outrage — including from within the Obama White House. Meanwhile, President Obama played golf yesterday, prompting some Republicans to question the president’s own leisure time. BP […]

Ask and we shall receive (see the next post down, where I long for more honest liberals.) Right on cue, to lead us happily into weekend, comes another darling of the empathy crowd, Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida.

Obama Washout


The president gets overwhelmed by rain. No wonder he can’t handle millions of gallons of oil. “Excuse me, everybody listen up,” the commander in chief told the crowd huddled under umbrellas and plastic bags amid a torrential downpour outside Chicago. “We are a little bit concerned about lightning. This may not be safe. The president, […]