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Over, Maybe


The oil has stopped flowing into the Gulf as BP has begun integrity tests on the new cap. It will take up to a couple of days, they say, to know if the fix will hold. BP PLC said Thursday it began a crucial test in the Gulf of Mexico to determine if a new […]

Will oil be the president’s legacy… a legacy of failure?

Has the White House brought Brownie in as a disaster response consultant? The continued failure to lead is inexplicable.

30 Second Cure


Now that the White House has the Gulf situation fully under control, let’s check in with Billy Nungesser and see how much easier life is as his Louisiana Parish fights the flow. Biden used his short visit to appear on camera with other politicians and eat seafood. Amazingly, Biden refused to meet with Plaquemines Parish […]

Why Rush?


What’s the hurry? The United States is accepting help from 12 countries and international organizations in dealing with the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The State Department said in a statement Tuesday that the U.S. is working out the particulars of the help that’s been accepted. The identities of all 12 countries […]

Marco Rubio says that some of Obama Care should be kept. Writes Jim Geraghty at National Review: I’m with a small group of reporters in a D.C. coffee shop, chatting with Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio. He just mentioned that there are two parts within the Obamacare legislation that he doesn’t want repealed.* The […]

Obama lies, the Gulf Coast dies.

BP’s problem expansion strategies.

Rosie Knows


The president may not know whose ass to kick, but Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t suffer from any such confusion.

Tough Guy


A defensive president says he’s looking for ass to kick on oil crisis.

Oily Weiner


Like all Democrats, leftist Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York is filled with love and compassion. There is so much empathy oozing out of him that he couldn’t possibly fall victim to feelings of bigotry or stereotype. And if by some fluke the Devil got in his heart and forced him to feel bigoted contempt […]

Divided Tragedy


If you can reduce the tragic flow of oil in the Gulf by half, what remains? Half a tragedy. Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said Saturday that after its first full day of work, the cap placed on the gusher near the sea floor trapped about 252,000 gallons of oil, which is somewhere between a […]

For anyone who doubts that the president has devoted himself completely to solving the Gulf Oil Crisis since April 20, here’s proof that his focus has been absolute. From Gateway Pundit.

Road Kill


As the oil continues to spew unfettered into the Gulf, a similar mass of darkness hangs over the Obama administration. The failure of Top Kill threatens to make Road Kill of the Obama presidency. The unrelenting flow of oil forces the spotlight back onto the White House strategy of playing politics, rather than offering leadership, […]