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Mean Spirited


Listen to this tall tale told by the President last week in an effort to demonize the insurance industry. Americans for Limited Government Communications Director Carter Clews today asked President Barack Obama to explain a “rather unusual” story Obama told at Thursdays’ health care summit about his dealings with a fictitious Acme Auto Insurance company. […]

Did the president get greedy on health care – looking for a socialist bonanza instead of just seizing the moment that history offered? One of the most interesting facts of this debate is how, the longer it goes on, the more Americans like their health care coverage just the way it is. Those opposed to […]

Here are some of the new taxes being planned by the socialists in order to pay for the new socialism (ObamaCare) – as compiled by the Associated Press. Increasing the price of soda and other sugary drinks by 10 cents a can. This is only right. After all, sugary drinks cause obesity, and being overweight […]

They call it a safety net, which implies that when an occasional productive person hits a rocky road, there’s some short term help. The recession is driving the safety net of government benefits to an historic high, as one of every six dollars of Americans’ income is now coming in the form of a federal […]

The thinking of Junior. President Barack Obama will soon have to make a judgment to reform the nation’s “wall” if he is, as he so often says, to build a more perfect union. The wall I refer to is the U. S. Constitution. Jesse Jackson, Jr. thinks Barack will have to “tear down that wall,” […]