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House Noam


The liberal double standard is alive and well. They use hate speech to criticize those who oppose them. The memory that comes to my mind — I don’t want to press the analogy too hard, but I think it’s worth thinking about — is late Weimar Germany. There were people with real grievances, and the […]

Never Happen


One thing all conservatives should be embarrassed about is the use of Hitler against Barack Obama. It’s disgusting, no one should stand for it, and it’s the sort of thing that would never happen if a Republican were President.

Own Medicine


Democrats in Congress have been standing in the way of their own party’s health plan, so it’s funny that Democratic leaders keep trying to make it seem to be the fault of the GOP. Democratic leaders have dismissed protests that have disrupted congressional town-hall meetings on healthcare reform as “staged” and “phony.” Senate Majority Leader […]

Coffee Gap


One sign of a generation gap is how people of different age groups react the idea of premium coffee. Lately, my father has taken to giving me reports on what he perceives to be deep financial trouble at Starbucks. My read of the news indicates a company that needs adjustments, and is making them, but […]