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C President


Ed Koch gives President Obama a C, but he’s impressed with Sarah Palin. “They’re nuts if they think she’s dumb, she’s very smart…they’re nuts if they think that she doesn’t reflect the frustration that the average American feels…..although I would not vote for her because I do not agree with many of her positions.” So […]

Rock the Vote


Lifted this video from Gateway Pundit. It provides a powerful glimpse into the streets of Iran. We hear much about women being a big part of the movement in Iran. This video provides some evidence. Next, something from Atlas Shrugs. 10:52 pm There has surely been a terrible blackout, as the most reliable Iranians on […]

Major Upset


There’s some buzz about Major Garrett’s “What took you so long,” question to President Obama today. The question was in reference to the President’s toughening attitude toward Iran since Friday. If you listen to Garrett’s entire question, it doesn’t appear disrespectful. Most people won’t know that, however, since the media isn’t reporting it accurately. CBS, […]