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Running Wild


Why does the illegal immigration stalemate continue endlessly? Because the government won’t enforce our laws, it seems to me. On Fox News Sunday, liberal contributor Juan Williams suggested it’s because Americans like border anarchy. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, in Boston for National Governor’s Association meetings, was a magnet for protesters.

People think that Masschusetts is filled with wackos, but it’s more a case of traditional working class voters being unable to kick their Democrat voting habits. Here’s a family that’s figured it out. Of course, there are some here who are opposed to the Arizona immigration law, but they tend to be those with a […]

Under Attack


Why is the Obama administration determined to do what’s wrong on immigration? Votes. The federal government has just filed suit challenging the state of Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law. The basis? The Supremacy Clause, which says that federal law trumps state law. But that argument should fail in a court of law because the Arizona […]

Does it pay to be a politician who is in line with the mainstream? It’s paying off nicely for some, like Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is doing great in her reelection bid. Brewer, the runaway leader in her own party’s primary contest, is now leading Goddard, the unchallenged Democratic candidate for governor, by 18 […]

Storm Brewering


Jan Brewer is quickly making herself into a national figure, and she’s doing it following a simple formula. By boldly fighting for the obvious. The Republican governor is reminding the Democrat president that three weeks ago during their overdue Oval Office meeting he promised to send her more material within two weeks, especially regarding deployment […]

We Will Win


First, President Hillary Clinton announces that the Justice Department will file suit against Arizona… then Governor Jan Brewer says, ‘Bring ’em on!’ But I will tell you, Greta, we are not going to back away from this issue. We are going to pursue it. We’re going to be very aggressive. And we’ll meet them in […]

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was at the White House Thursday for a meeting with the president. For some reason, he felt that his meeting with the Mexican President didn’t adequately inform him as to how voters feel about the immigration problem in Arizona. The Communist Union SEIU, partners of the president’s, protested the meeting. Americans […]