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Senior Swagger


As you know, Sarah Palin went to Arizona last week to campaign for John McCain. She sure does energize the Senate veteran in a new web video released by the campaign.

McCain Trail


Scott Brown was in Arizona for the second day yesterday offering star struck Arizona voters his support for John McCain’s reelection bid. The Senate’s newest member Scott Brown likes to talk about his daughter’s prowess on the basketball court, but for the first weekend of March he skipped her game and flew cross-country to catch […]

David Axelrod was humiliated by his liberal friends on MSNBC this morning – so he called in to try to stem the tide of criticism! To hear the guy who runs the country reduced to a spontaneous MSNBC debate with Ed Schultz is an incredible moment in presidential history! Al Franken, meanwhile, was throwing his […]

Teddy’s Ghost


America is under attack. Team Obama, determined to pass his health system reform measure without regard for the opposition within his own party – and the contempt of the American people toward that proposal – is hoping to get his ship back on course with Teddy’s Ghost at the helm. Senior Democrats in Washington and […]