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Funny Faces


Has Patrick Kennedy totally lost his marbles? Watch him making faces about 40 seconds into this clip of Patches and Nancy Pelosi in Rhode Island on Friday.

As America learns more about what liberals really believe, the chances for Democrats to win future elections grows slimmer. At least, that is, until they are able to get 30 million or more illegal aliens registered to vote. “We are revolutionary Mexican organization here. We understand that this is not just about Mexico. It’s about […]

Channeling Dad


Perhaps he feels driven, as his political career winds down, to prove that on some level he deserved to be down there with Dad. Patrick Kennedy certainly sounded like he was trying to live up to the family legacy as he gave a boisterous anti-media rant on the floor of the house yesterday. U.S. Rep. […]

Nancy Pelosi says a new Obama health care plan will be ready soon. This is beginning to feel like the story will go on forever. President Obama will soon propose a health care bill that will be “much smaller” than the House bill but “big enough” to put the country on a “path” toward health […]

Every Breath


Scott Brown breathes, Dems collapse. Now, with independent voters souring on Obama, vulnerable lawmakers are likely to be reluctant about casting votes on other controversial issues such as caps on carbon emissions, tax reform, and a revamp of entitlement programs ahead of November’s midterm elections. The White House may have to pare this year’s legislative […]

Frayed Nerves


You can’t blame folks at Coakley headquarters for being a bit nervous when they encounter reporters. Things are also tense at the Boston Globe, which declared Martha Coakley a winner today in an online election map – based on the returns they had in so far! There’s only one problem, guys – the polls are […]

With Us


The nation is with us in rooting for a Scott Brown victory and an end to the deliberate slide into socialism. Like fans cheering for their favorite football teams, voters nationwide are paying attention to the special U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts. Almost half of them are rooting for Republican candidate Scott Brown over his […]

Setting Up


The Obama visit Sunday appears to have marked an end to the Senate campaign, with polls indicating the race continuing, or resuming, its swing in the direction of the GOP. A new poll from Politico, taken last night, shows a 9 point lead for Scott Brown. This confirms the signals from Washington, which seem to […]

Smart & Lucky


It sure is fun watching the Coakley campaign make one major error after another. One that’s really hard to believe is that six days ago, after having gotten the wake-up call that they were in danger of losing,  Martha took the day off and went down to Washington the day after the debate. While there, […]



Public Policy has a new poll out. Republican Scott Brown leads Democrat Martha Coakley 51 percent to 46 percent with 4 percent undecided in a tight race to fill the seat of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy that will be decided in a Tuesday special election, according to a Public Policy Polling survey conducted Jan. […]

A Big Deal?


Is this old video a shocker? In it, Scott Brown does analysis on Sarah Palin for a local cable channel and seems to suggest, at the end, that he doesn’t believe that Barack’s parents were married when the president was born. Okay – the whole thing is silly, but that’s how desperate the machine is […]

Not long ago, I considered the handlers of Martha Coakley to be idiots. Having crafted a game plan of keeping their candidate off the campaign trail, I figured it was their strategy that had forfeited her front runner status. But in the past five days, forced onto the campaign trail by her plummeting hopes, Coakley […]

President Barack Obama today offered Republican Scott Brown a vote of confidence. How? He issued a video in support of Martha Coakley. The political equivalent of a handshake instead of a kiss, the president is resisting requests from Coakley to schedule a campaign stop here. Indicating that his information points to a Scott Brown win. […]

Snowe Job


Olympia Snowe has done what Olympia does – she has joined with Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee to approve a health care overhaul measure. Senate Democratic leaders must now merge the Finance bill with a more liberal measure approved by the Senate health committee. Among the issues on the table: whether the legislation should […]

This is worth reviewing. As the Obama administration pushes for a national health care plan, studies show that most Americans are overwhelmingly happy with their own health care — but they are dissatisfied with the country’s overall system, because most Americans who have insurance believe that those who don’t have it are not receiving care. […]

Sad Story


They love a sad story, those liberals do. I guess they think Americans are dumb – show them a pretty face and a sad story, and watch out! Friends say the Miami University graduate who died this week after reportedly suffering from swine flu delayed getting medical treatment because she did not have health insurance. […]