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Like it Is


Leave it to the nation’s newest senator to Tell It Like it Is to the Prez. Newly arrived Republican Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts accused President Barack Obama and Democrats on Saturday of a “bitter, destructive and endless” drive to pass health overhaul legislation that Brown warned would be disastrous. Personally, I don’t think the […]

Off Balance


The White House began to step away from its March 18 deadline for passing the latest reform configuration. Is it a feint designed to throw the opposition off balance, or are they realizing that its not going to happen next week? White House press secretary Robert Gibbs on Thursday backed off the March 18 deadline […]

Broken Topics


Lindsay Graham, in a bipartisan conversation with retiring friend Evan Bayh on Face the Nation today, explains why the use of reconciliation to force through Obama Care will be “catasrophic.” The gist of what Graham is saying is that reconciliation has been used in the past when there is bipartisan support for a measure, not […]

As Usual


The GOP has a good new phrase for capturing the essence of the Obama health care effort, and it wasn’t even developed by Sarah Palin. Lindsay Graham is calling it “Seedy Chicago Politics.” It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Sometimes there is a fine ethical line between legislative maneuvering and bribery. At […]

Democrats don’t have a clear path to passing their health care scam – the idea was just to get it through the House, then to keep the ball rolling while pretending that the bill’s passage is inevitable and hope for the best in the tough waters to follow. Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, though, […]

Why has the gun crowd been so quiet about Judge Sotomayor? When slavery ended in America after the Civil War, no civil right was more important for black Americans than the right to keep and bear arms. We passed an amendment to the Constitution to make that possible. Now the Supreme Court will decide this […]