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Lone Wolfette


Joan Venocchi in today’s Boston Globe tells it like it is. AMERICANS CAN handle the truth. But when it comes to terrorist acts on American soil, government officials are reluctant to give it to us straight from the start. Americans know the truth. It’s time for politicians — Republican and Democratic — to trust them […]

Truth Twister


It’s a wonder that Harry Reid ever got elected to any office he’s such an infuriating twister of truth. In the interview, he takes a shot at Martha Coakley, Fox News, and defends the Nebraska Medicare deal. On Massachusetts, “They were afraid we were messing with their health care. Most states have no health care. […]

She Does


A few weeks ago, Martha Coakley didn’t want to be Attorney General anymore. Now, she does. Martha Coakley An Announcement to Supporters Dear Friends, You have been such a loyal friend and supporter, and I wanted you to be the first to know that today I took out nomination papers to seek re-election as your […]

Obama showed some audacity yesterday, claiming that most of the health reform bill process was televised. Look… The truth of the matter is that, if you look at the health care process, just over the course of the year, overwhelmingly the majority of it actually was on C-SPAN because it was taking place in Congressional […]

Scott Brown is the Emeril Lagasse of politics. Everywhere you look, there are politicians reeling in reaction to Scott! (Can you say Ben Bernanke?) Bam!!!! says Scott, and another Dem bites the dust! Vice President Biden’s son Beau announced Monday that he will not run for his father’s old Senate seat, leaving the Republican in […]

Smile About


There are two money facts about the Brown Coakley campaign that will really give you something to smile about today. For your first smile, please note the word “exhaust” in this paragraph from the Boston Globe today. In the end, the two sides spent about the same amount. But the effort may take a greater […]

The people have spoken, and Larry Kudlow is wondering who is listening. Sen. Scott Brown’s epic victory in Massachusetts on Tuesday night dealt a crushing blow to Obamacare, cap-and-trade, card check (and other union favors), and most importantly, all the tax hikes that are lingering on the table. But does Washington really understand the Scott […]