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This reminds one of an ACORN event. Against a green backdrop of overhanging trees and manicured lawns, an army of 1,100 nurses wearing red scrubs descended onto Edge Road in Atherton on Thursday, storming the quiet street where Republican gubernatorial nominee and nurses union foe Meg Whitman resides. Remember? Part of the process ACORN used […]

November Fall


Karl Rove breaks down the November elections with Sean Hannity.

A few months ago, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman appeared to be on cruise control on the road to face Democrat Jerry Brown for Governor. That’s before she took the “safe” route and came out against the Arizona immigration law. Steve Poizner was thought to be political roadkill earlier this year, having fallen as much […]

Old Days


Jerry Brown is making another run for governor of California, and at this point, he’s the front runner. It’s been 27 years since he last held the office. “Our state is in serious trouble and the next governor must have the preparation, and the knowledge and the know-how to get California working again,” he said […]