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What’s a portrait of a liberal darling look like when you scrape off the top layer? Wilkerson, a native of Pine Bluff, Ark., raised herself up from poverty, burst onto the political scene as a crusading lawyer for the NAACP in Boston, and championed good government causes as a liberal legislative powerhouse and the lone […]

It’s an odd occurrence when an elected official answers questions honestly, giving his opinion instead of the talking points others have crafted for him. But when you’ve served four terms as Mayor of Boston and are settling into the first year of your fifth, and presumably last, what do you have to lose? Boston Mayor […]

Understanding liberals requires a devoted effort. Even though I grew up swimming in a sea of them, I continue to be baffled by their inability to integrate simple concepts and come to logical conclusions. More than 300 demonstrators, waving signs and wearing green-foam Statue of Liberty crowns, converged yesterday near the John F. Kennedy federal […]