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Border Death


Will terror explosions seep over the border from Mexico? This represents quite a risk for the Democrats, who are willing to undermine U.S. laws in order to pack the country with new voters. How close is the carnage? Ciudad Juarez is on the Mexican border with Texas, right across from El Paso and is one […]

Obama lies, the Gulf Coast dies.

Human Rats


Last week, the Mexican president came to the United States, met with President Obama, and together they trashed the Arizona immigration law – a law designed to mirror federal immigration law, but with greater safeguards for civil liberties. So how is President Calderon doing on human rights in Mexico? This is from Amnesty International. Mexico […]

Send Money


Imagine how emotional the Democrats will get over the Arizona immigration law if they ever read it! Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke before a joint session of Congress Thursday and received resounding applause after condemning Arizona’s controversial immigration law. “I am convinced that a comprehensive immigration reform is also crucial to securing our common border. […]

50 Ways


The president is apparently having trouble finding people to lament the new Arizona immigration law with. Since it seems nobody he knows has read the law, this is not surprising. It is a bit disturbing, though, to see him going to places like China and Mexico to find people with whom to share his frustration. […]

Feel Better


Good news for a Monday morning – there are jobs that are more difficult to cope with than yours.

Racist Nation


Who would have guessed that Canadians are haters? Too many Mexicans, the Canadian government complained, are fraudulently claiming political asylum in Canada, overwhelming the system. Canada announced last month that it would begin requiring Mexican citizens to secure visas before entering the country, a decision that elicited outrage in Mexico. And the Three Amigos summit […]