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Mitt’s a winner. NEW ORLEANS — Mitt Romney won the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership conference here Saturday in a victory that will be taken as a sign of the former Massachusetts governor’s strength as a 2012 presidential candidate. That’s because the 2008 GOP presidential hopeful elected to skip the conference to continue […]



Scott Brown made a surprise appearance at the CPAC Convention in Washington yesterday. His purpose – to introduce Mitt Romney. Check out the electricity. The man conservatives credit with stopping a health care plan they deride as “Obamacare” burst onto the stage in a time slot that had been designated for former Gov. Mitt Romney […]

Slip Slidin’


Americans can be a tough lot to figure out. A new poll shows that in a head to head matchup against Mitt Romney, President Obama would manage a tie. If the 2012 presidential election were held today, President Obama and possible Republican nominee Mitt Romney would be all tied up at 45% each, according to […]

Bandwagon Gloom


Sorry, but I’m still having trouble buying the media argument that the GOP is over – nothing more than a party of the south. 40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative… After all, the Republican party is the party whose underlying premise coincides with the beliefs of […]

Mitt Check


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has an op-ed piece in the Washington Times today outlining his views on Card Check. In 2006, my last year as governor of Massachusetts, I vetoed a card-check bill that allowed public workers to organize if a majority signed union authorization cards as opposed to casting a traditional secret ballot. […]