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Not the Doctor!


Poor little Megan McAllister. She was the devoted damsel, staying true to the man, Philip Markoff, who was never true to her, while her knight in white fiance sought refuge in the arms of others. Markoff is being held without bail at the Nashua Street jail as he awaits trial on charges of murder and […]

Love Stinks


Don’t order the flowers just yet. The fiancée of the Boston University medical student accused of using Craigslist to target and attack women in hotels defended him today in an e-mail she sent to ABC News. Unfortunately, her boyfriend is in surveillance videos from the hotels where two women were robbed, and one was murdered. […]



Wendy Murphy joined me as co-host on WRKO this morning, and we spent some time fleshing out her theory that the fact patterns in the death of JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, and Maddy McCann all suggest the involvement of the child porn trade. Cyril Wecht, who studied this case, believes that it was an accidental […]

Win Some


You win some… Maine recorded the fewest highway deaths in 50 years in 2008… …and you lose some. …while the number of homicides grew to the highest level in nearly two decades. Why the drop in traffic fatalities? Gas. From January through October, the number of miles traveled in Maine dropped in every month except […]