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The pathetic little creatures who control the state of Massachusetts have followed orders from Washington, changing the state’s succession law to allow the Governor to appoint an interim senator to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat until a special election is held in January. The state Senate passed a bill this afternoon that would allow Governor Deval […]

Teddy’s Ghost


America is under attack. Team Obama, determined to pass his health system reform measure without regard for the opposition within his own party – and the contempt of the American people toward that proposal – is hoping to get his ship back on course with Teddy’s Ghost at the helm. Senior Democrats in Washington and […]

Empty of character and caring for country, the Midgets of Massachusetts are using the death of Ted Kennedy as an opportunity to, once again, manipulate the law for their personal goals. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick said today that he supported a recent proposal by the late US Senator Edward M. Kennedy under which an interim […]

I took much heat during the election cycle when I’d tell members of the swooning class that if you wanted to end the war quickly, John McCain was the guy to vote for. “What???”‘ They’d screech! “How can you say such a thing???!!!!” “A Democrat will never end the war quickly,” I’d answer. “To pull […]