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Bomb Throw


Does the NAACP focus on alleged racism in the Tea Party movement make it relevant, or is it an act of bomb throwing that proves the organization’s irrelevance?

Pushing Race


The NAACP is desperate to keep its brand relevant – which means keeping racism alive. NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Jealous uses racially-charged rhetoric to fire-up the crowd at the organization’s conference. The screaming starts at about 40 seconds in.

Total Control


A couple of years ago, Michelle Obama admitted that she’d never been proud of her country until it embraced Hope & Change. Now, it seems, she’s regressed. Speaking to the NAACP today, Michelle was promoting her anti-obesity campaign. But I found it amusing that, in her list of gripes for minority kids, she complained about […]

Pandering Act


Two years ago, speaking to the annunal NAACP convention, Barack Obama was only hinting at his desire to become a Preacher. And last year, at the same venue, President Obama showed few signs that he had absorbed the presentation tricks witnessed during his 20 years in Reverend Wright’s church. But this week, with the election […]