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Non Credo Nancy


Here she is, admitting that Democrats are socialists… Nancy Pelosi!

Fake Hate


Please see the post on Gateway Pundit that shows there was no outrageous protester behavior, no racism, during the Democrats contrived Civil Rights March repeat on Sunday. More Proof That the Leftist Media Lied About Racist Attacks On Black Reps While They Ignored Vulgar Attacks By Lib Politicians Obviously, there were no racist attacks on […]

Groundhog Day


Here we go again, as the President announces the latest push for health reform. As usual, the Obama approach was to misrepresent the issue. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  I can tell you as the father of two young girls, […]

It hasn’t been hard for the Democrats thusfar in their latest attempt to dismantle America, it’s just been slow. Now that they’ve decided to move ahead and consider the health reform legislation in the senate, the tough part begins. Sen. Blanche Lincoln said she will vote in favor of starting debate on health reform legislation. […]

No Move


President Obama seemed to have made a forceful presentation to Congress, and to the American people, in support of the liberal health care reform program last week. But a new ABC news poll is out, and George Stephanopoulos blogs that it didn’t move public opinion. Our new ABC News/Washington Post poll out this morning shows […]

As a Memorial Day weekend service to the country, I thought it would be appropriate to offer a reminder of how the entire Democratic leadership, not just the President, lied and manipulated on the war in Iraq for political gain. Dems once called this politicizing the war. Let’s rewind to March 2007, when both houses […]

Going, going…


Dick Morris says that Nancy Pelosi has been rendered ineffective and will end up leaving office. On the other hand, Eminem makes no mention of Pelosi in his new song. This Peter Pan Bus Driver was so distracted by Pelosi’s self-destructive behavior that he tried to behave in a similarly destructive manner.