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Judgement Day


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the best. And we now have a situation where we are in a deep hole and we’ve got two choices. We can continue to do what we’ve always been doing before and I don’t think we should, because that’s crazy, that’s what got us here. But the new path […]

More Christie


His mission to educate voters on the devastating results of the partnership between Democrats and Unions will turn New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie into a hero of the GOP, and, perhaps, a savior for the country. Here’s more.

Holy Christie!


This guy, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, is a dream – a mainstream conservative who boldly sticks to his belief and expresses those beliefs straight-up. The fragile peace between Gov. Chris Christie and the state’s teachers union ended today, five days after it began. The Christie administration submitted an application for up to $400 […]

Just because I’m slow getting around to posting this doesn’t mean I don’t love it. We need Republicans to talk like Chris Christie all the time! If people hear the arguments against the socialists, they’ll understand.

Governor Chris Christie kicks the crap out of a reporter who acts like he’s doing something wrong by fighting the socialists to turn the fiscal mess around in New Jersey.

Democrats in New Jersey are foaming – you can’t cut spending just because you have no money! Saying New Jersey is on the verge of bankruptcy, (Gov. Chris) Christie declared a fiscal emergency, announcing drastic cuts. Among them, aid to school districts that have excess surpluses. “Today we are going to act swiftly to fix […]

Will it take a Massachusetts Miracle for a Republican to win the race for Ted Kennedy’s senate seat? Nope – not at all. Attorney General Martha Coakley’s campaign to succeed Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate has been as cynical as they come. Her strategy? Don’t campaign, don’t return media phone calls, don’t run adds […]

Virginia Race


Will 2010 be the undoing of Obama? Consider this – the Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia, one of two states holding a special election next month, says he’s losing because of the Democrats in Washington! Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Creigh Deeds said in an interview that he was lagging in the polls entering the […]