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Arrogant Irony


Keith Olbermann seems not to like Andrew Breitbart much. Which puts a nice halo over AB. He starts to make some sense when he complains about the politicized White House, more worried about polls and bad press than about following principles. Small consolation, however, for his pretending to be ready to cry at the end.

Has the White House brought Brownie in as a disaster response consultant? The continued failure to lead is inexplicable.

Failed leadership is finally piercing the veneer of Barack Obama. Here are the new numbers from Rasmussen: Overall, 42% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the president’s performance. That’s the lowest level of approval yet recorded for this president. Fifty-seven percent (57%) now disapprove. Those are the lowest ratings yet recorded for […]

Michael Moore is disgusted with Democrats. Aren’t we all, if for different reasons! His message, surprisingly, isn’t all that different from the one from two Democratic pollsters in today’s Washington Post (see the next post down.) “Well, we see what it’s led us to, to the fact that one out of eight homes now in […]

Ranting Left


Did you see this clip yet? MSNBC at its best.

Knowing Dick


Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are celebrating their continued control over foreign policy in a fantasy meal at a fancy restaurant in today’s Maureen Dowd column. “You’re running national security now and everyone knows it,” Rummy says. “You got Obama to do an about-face on the torture photos. He’s using our old line about how […]

Water Ride


Let’s review. Democrats are horrified over the enhanced interrogation techniques employed by the Bush Administration on terror suspects. The truth is shocking. After years of moaning from Democrats about the constitution having been abandoned, we learned in classified documents inappropriately released by the Obama Administration a couple of weeks ago that the evil Bushies actually […]