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Squeezing Scott


The senate is working on a new stimulus today, but this time they’re calling it a jobs bill. I guess the big stimulus wasn’t a jobs bill, event though it was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%. Anyway, Scott Brown has become a focal point on the issue. The liberal-leaning group Americans United for Change […]

The divisiveness of the Obama health reform project is demonstrated by his meeting today with 60 members of Congress – a delegation made up of members of his own party, and those who caucus with them. The purpose? To force his reluctant partners to pass a government takeover of 17% of the U.S. economy. Democrats […]

Snowe Job


Olympia Snowe has done what Olympia does – she has joined with Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee to approve a health care overhaul measure. Senate Democratic leaders must now merge the Finance bill with a more liberal measure approved by the Senate health committee. Among the issues on the table: whether the legislation should […]