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Uncle Zaki


Liberals can’t help themselves. Barack Obama is not President of the United States – he’s the First Black President of the United States. The Black part is what they care about.

Child Haters


The President is proud of what Castro Care will do for children. But what if they didn’t write the bill right? Obama made better coverage for children a centerpiece of his health care remake, but it turns out the letter of the law provided a less-than-complete guarantee that kids with health problems would not be […]

Chuck News


The war against Fox News got hotter today, as NBC News political editor Chuck Todd said the network is trying to undermine mainstream reporters. Todd was reacting to comments from Fox News Channel’s VP of News Bill Sammon. BILL SAMMON – The mainstream media hates the Tea Party movement almost as much as it hates […]

Great TV


For people who can’t understand why Fox News is number 1. Fox News had its best January in the history of the network, and was the only cable news network to grow year-to-year. FNC also had the top 13 programs on cable news in total viewers for the fifth month in a row, and the […]

Buy Order


Will the dirty, arm twisting, backroom politics of the Democrats health care effort be allowed to stand? Believers in the American system of government are making a fight. Looks like the steadily growing list of constitutional, ethical and political outrages that constitute the Harry Reid version of Obamacare is sparking a rebellion in the states, as […]

House Noam


The liberal double standard is alive and well. They use hate speech to criticize those who oppose them. The memory that comes to my mind — I don’t want to press the analogy too hard, but I think it’s worth thinking about — is late Weimar Germany. There were people with real grievances, and the […]

Although announced for the end of this year, Charlie Gibson sounds like he retired a long time ago. Listen to him discuss, in a radio interview, his opinions on the ongoing ACORN scandal. The Senate voted Monday to block the Housing and Urban Development Department from giving grants to ACORN, a community organization under fire […]

Acorn Nuts


ACORN, the voter fraud division of the Democratic Party, celebrated its 39th anniversary this week. Glenn Beck sent a reporter. Barack Obama is, more than anything else, a Community Organizer. His goal is to take power from those who have it, and give it to those who don’t. The idea is to have a Castro […]

False Prophet


Jon Voight goes on the warpath against President Obama. He’s only stating the obvious and plain, but these truths are rarely heard. “We were warned by Hillary Clinton that he had no experience, that he had no qualifications,” Voight says of Obama in the interrview airing on The O’Reilly Factor tonight. “We were warned by […]

Barney Honest


Co-hosting Friday morning with Tom Finneran on WRKO in Boston, I had the chance to interview Barney Frank on the proposed auto maker bailout. Barney throws lots of flack out to keep the conversation from proceeding in an orderly manner, so you can understand how Bill O’Reilly might have become so frustrated with him. Click […]