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Acorn Nuts


ACORN, the voter fraud division of the Democratic Party, celebrated its 39th anniversary this week. Glenn Beck sent a reporter. Barack Obama is, more than anything else, a Community Organizer. His goal is to take power from those who have it, and give it to those who don’t. The idea is to have a Castro […]

False Prophet


Jon Voight goes on the warpath against President Obama. He’s only stating the obvious and plain, but these truths are rarely heard. “We were warned by Hillary Clinton that he had no experience, that he had no qualifications,” Voight says of Obama in the interrview airing on The O’Reilly Factor tonight. “We were warned by […]

Barney Honest


Co-hosting Friday morning with Tom Finneran on WRKO in Boston, I had the chance to interview Barney Frank on the proposed auto maker bailout. Barney throws lots of flack out to keep the conversation from proceeding in an orderly manner, so you can understand how Bill O’Reilly might have become so frustrated with him. Click […]