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Sarah Palin is an exciting celebrity/political figure, and constructive to the GOP as a promoter of conservative positions. Unfortunately, she seems to have no interest in public policy – or, even mastering the rudimentary talking points that would allow her to pretend to care. Last night on O’Reilly, Bill pressed her on what she would […]

Pink Elephants


Sarah Palin is chasing a pack of Grizzly Bears in the pursuit of power. By producing such a slick political ad with an undeniably strong political message, the signal is clear: Palin is a political force to be reckoned with. She’s got a growing power base that Republicans covet and that she has a unique […]

Circle of Thugs


Sarah Palin says the president should broaden his circle of thugs and let in the Alaska oil team. While Palin doesn’t have much sway with public opinion amongst the socialists, the Dutch are supposed to, although it appears no one told the circle of thugs. Three days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in […]

Bad Reid


Watch those hateful Harry Reid supporters pelt a Tea Party bus with eggs and threaten Andrew Breitbart. Liberal Haters. Saturday’s Tea Party Express event in the hometown of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was downplayed by much of the media — perhaps because the only incidents of violent behavior among the large crowd seemed to […]

Raining Men


Speaking at a “Conservative Woodstock” in Harry Reid’s Nevada hometown, there’s good reason that Tea Partiers, and Sarah Palin, aren’t backing down from predictable liberal name calling and misrepresentations. She said Saturday she wasn’t inciting violence, just trying to inspire people to get involved. “We’re not going to sit down and shut up. Thank you […]

What will come of the Obama TV show today on health care reform? Going forward, it will be “damn the torpedoes, screw the people” from the Democrats. Of course, that’s been the approach of the evil ones for the past year. After a brief period of consultation following the White House health reform summit, congressional […]

Straw Man


Ron Paul is this year’s Straw Man. Rep. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Texas Republican who ran a quixotic bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, was the top vote-getter in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s straw poll, capturing the support of 31 percent of those who participated in the contest. There were even boos […]