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Everything is about race for the Democrats, even the Democrats who have yet to come to America to stake their claim to their birthright. Demonstrators dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, protested outside the US Embassy in Mexico City against Arizona’s immigration law. Thousands marched in Phoenix with separate rallies of supporters and […]

Following Law


A protest against the crackdown on illegals got out of control in Arizona, with Phoenix police ending up under attack. Witnesses say a group protesting against SB1070 began to fight with a man who was for the controversial immigration bill. Police tried escorting that man away from the scene, fearing for his safety, when they […]

***  Two Lovers – It’s too bad that Two Lovers is too long. Otherwise, this exploration of how common it is now for young people to remain unsettled and confused well into what used to pass for adulthood would pass for a very entertaining bit of angst ridden 30 something film making. Parents who are […]