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Is the General being sent to Afghanistan to ruin his chances of running for president? Advertisements

Talk about mixed messages. On the one hand, we’re moving toward a country where restaurants that serve wings will be outlawed, and at the same time the leader of the Nanny State is going to Duff’s… winner of the “Best Wings in Town” contest. How does the president maintain his ‘hottie with a smokin’ little […]

Palin Perplexer


Sarah Palin’s decision to quit with 18 months left in her first term as Governor of Alaska is perplexing. The move seems to highlight her weakness as a national figure – the fact that she is unqualified for the presidency. …some of the people closest to the Alaska governor say she wanted to regain control […]

Julio Moment


Barack had a Julio moment in Fort Myers yesterday. Watching Barack, the highly educated one, have a conversation with a four year veteran of McDonalds, is a treat, one that highlights the difference between private education and the public system run by the Democrats.