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The cheap little games the president plays anger me. His job is to run the country in our best interest, not trick us. In his press conference yesterday, he continued the ruse that UN Ambassador Susan Rice wasn’t part of the Benghazi coverup when she pretended that the killings at the consulate were part of […]

Can You See?


Remember when, during the campaign, Barack Obama refused to wear a flag pin – he said it trivialized the notion of patriotism? While he relented on the flag pin, it’s safe to assume that whatever the underlying premise was for his flag discomfort, it didn’t go away when he started wearing flag pins. I think […]

Big or Small


Is the secret White House job offer to Congressman Joe Sestak, designed to get him out of the race that he eventually won against Arlen Specter, a big deal or no deal at all? On first glance, denials by Democrats look credible – this, they say, is politics as usual. No big deal. Rep. Darrell […]

Barack Market


Barack held his third press conference in as many days on Wednesday, and the stock market took a big jump, again. A stock market gaining confidence in the nation’s financial system bolted higher Wednesday, propelling the Dow Jones industrials and Standard & Poor’s 500 index to their first four-day advance since last spring. The market […]