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Liberal Flag


Chris Matthews is flying the flag of the leftist media – that’s the formula for MSNBC. But liberals are supposed to be all about elevating the debate. They love complaining about bombastic political discourse. Describing Kagan as a liberal Obama prototype from the “high academia” of the Ivy League, Matthews proceeded to frame her opponent, […]

The Race Race


He’s got a biography out on the president called The Bridge, and on Howie Kurtz’ Reliable Sources on CNN Sunday David Remnick explained why the media went in the tank for Obama. Kurtz asked Remnick a question about the love affair between the mainstream press and Obama during the campaign to which he answered the […]

The Talent


I know that liberals have an amazing Talent – a sixth sense, I suppose you’d call it. They are able to know, intuitively, when a person is motivated by bigotry. But here’s what I can’t figure out – when a victim of bias belongs to more than one protected class, how does he discern which […]

Crying ‘R’


Home is where the heart is. The saying proves true for liberals, who rather than facing the fact that their health care proposal is too leftist for the American people, and that the Obama administration made a huge tactical blunder by introducing a proposal that would be blocked not by conservatives, but by centrist members […]