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The final review of the arrest last year of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates is in. The result? Gates loses. “For various reasons, each man reported feeling a certain degree of fear of the other,” according to the report, which was conducted by an outside panel of police officials, academics and community leaders. “The committee […]

Team Sharpton


Before Wednesday, President Obama was viewed as someone who could bring the country together. With his entry into the debate on the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Gates, he demonstrated that he’s not the racial healer he was purported to be – instead, he revealed that he plays for Team Sharpton – which will lead […]

First, a stupid joke about what would happen to him if he tried to jimmy a lock at the White House, then the President makes matters worse at his press conference last night, blaming Cambridge Police for the handling of the Gates situation. Then, he makes matters worse, by linking it to a “long history […]