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Standard Class


I find the image of Republicans presented by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner troublesome. They seem to me to scream of all the negative stereotypes attributable to conservatives – pompous, elitist, old school. I’d much rather see younger, more normal seeming people like Paul Ryan or Scott Brown as the public face of the party. […]

Ruby Red


The two political parties are basically equivalent. It’s like the Yankees and the Red Sox. While Americans line up emotionally behind one team or the other, their similarities dramatically outweigh their differences. Most everything that Bush was accused of, with great emotional vigor, President Obama is now guilty of. They come from opposing teams, but […]

Socializing is tough when you’re a conservative living in a liberal world. Liberals generally speak quite freely about their political views, and they act as if everyone in the room is like minded. After all, if you’re there, breathing, then surely you must agree with them! A conservative mustn’t respond in the midst of the […]

How will the GOP survive with so many Americans preferring… ah… the conservative position on big social issues? Fifty-four percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Monday say marriages between gay or lesbian couples should not be recognized as valid, with 44 percent suggesting they should be considered legal. So more […]

Me Thinks


Could someone loan this gal a teleprompter? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today accused the CIA of “misleading” her on the use of harsh interrogation techniques in the fall of 2002, acknowledging for the first time publicly she knew alleged terrorist detainees were subjected to waterboarding more than six years ago. Pelosi could learn from those […]

A new GOP ad attacking the President’s first 100 days has caused some offense. See if you can find the offensive clip. I couldn’t find it either, but apparently it’s the shot of President Obama sitting at a table with some other leaders. Word is, the others are in the Hispanic Congressional Congress. “It’s disrespectful […]

It’s fun to get the liberal perspective on what the GOP needs to become relevant again. So what do you do with a sunken party, one whose base has been whittled down to the South, the Plains, and parts of the interior West? Mostly though, it’s best to ignore folks like Scot Lehigh, writing on […]