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Has GOP Chair Michael Steele been hanging around with Joe Biden? His penchant for self-destruction is a Big Fucking Deal. After enjoying some of the calmest weeks of his chairmanship, the Republican National Committee’s Michael Steele is facing a new round of resignation calls for suggesting the war in Afghanistan isn’t worth fighting. Keep in […]

Ascending Party


Looking for evidence that reports of the GOP’s death have been greatly exaggerated? How about taking a look at fundraising by the national parties. In 2009, numbers show that more funds have been contributed to the Republican National Committee, which leads the DNC for the year by about 5 million bucks… $52 million to $46.7 […]

Do you ever wonder how people in politics can stand themselves? The chairman of the Republican National Committee on Saturday admonished one of his potential successors for giving members a CD featuring a song called “Barack the Magic Negro.” While it may have been stupid for someone who wants to head the RNC to go […]

On the radio this morning, we had the house minority leader for the State of Massachusetts as a guest. He’s a good guy – Brad Jones is his name – but I was putting him through the ringer over the inability of Republicans to do anything but lose ground in a state where there are […]