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In politics, stating the obvious creates a firestorm. Mitt Romney does it again as he explains the Democratic system of winning votes – using tax payer dollars to pay off their special interest voters. Chuck Todd offers the NBC/MSNBC response.

Add the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot to the list of those who say the GOP problem was not one of ideas, but rather execution. Mitt Romney ran as a biographical candidate fundamentally… what the Obama campaign did was systematically destroy that biography, and you saw that he never recovered from the summer… this was […]

Peggy Noonan thinks the president has the feel of someone who knows he’s losing – reminds her of H.W. I can remember in 1992 seeing President George HW Bush struggle with the idea that he was going to lose… Romney certainly looks peaceful… but he also seems joyous and happy and the president does not […]

When you hear it from a New York Times guy, it makes you take notice. Jeff Zeleny says what he feels from the swing states is an excitement not just for beating Barack Obama, but for electing Mitt Romney. There is a real sense of enthusiasm for the Romney campaign… I think the organic intensity, […]

The panel on ABC’s This Week program runs through it’s predictions for the presidential race, with rabid Dem Donna Brazile unsure whether Obama can win the popular vote. … on the popular vote, I do believe that President Obama will eek it out barely… it is a tie…

To put you in a good mood for the day, I offer you this. The election will not be close… Facts matter, especially to those concerned about the country, their futures, and the futures of their grandchildren. The electorate may not be the brightest, as H.L. Mencken always reminded us. But they do feel pain […]

The early voting numbers seem stunningly good for the Romney campaign in Ohio. Why doesn’t David Axelrod rebut them?