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Palm Reider


As much as they love to put her down, Democrats still find Sarah Palin irresistable. That includes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in deep reelection trouble in Nevada. You Betcha.

Senior Swagger


As you know, Sarah Palin went to Arizona last week to campaign for John McCain. She sure does energize the Senate veteran in a new web video released by the campaign.

Share This


The blindness of the thoughtful to the stupidity of their conclusions is too dangerous to be funny for more than a moment. It was Armageddon all right, a battle between selfishness and sharing. So writes Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson, a raging loony tune of the left, lost in the thick fog of his untethered […]

Funny Palin


Sarah Palin shines on Leno.

Going For Scoop


A Saudi student was clever enough to look for a scoop today, asking Hillary Clinton if she’d leave the country were Sarah Palin to become President. Hillary didn’t do much with it, but it was a good try!

Hopey Changey


Sarah Palin did her keynote at the Tea Party Convention last night. Ms. Palin gave the Tea Party crowd exactly what they wanted to hear, declaring the primacy of the Tenth Amendment in limiting government powers, complaining about the bailouts and the “generational theft” of rising deficits, and urging the audience to back conservative challengers […]

Foxy Lady


She’s light skinned, and she can speak in an Alaska dialect at will! Sarah Palin might not be taking on Oprah, but the one-time GOP vice presidential candidate has made good on predictions that she has a future in television. She’s not presidential material, but she’s got a more impressive political resume than did the […]