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At the heart of the left’s criticism of the New Conservative Media is disdain for the fact that they are short on journalistic standards but long on political agenda. Which makes the New Media surprisingly similar to the Over the Hill Media.

November Fall


Karl Rove breaks down the November elections with Sean Hannity.

Michael Moore is disgusted with Democrats. Aren’t we all, if for different reasons! His message, surprisingly, isn’t all that different from the one from two Democratic pollsters in today’s Washington Post (see the next post down.) “Well, we see what it’s led us to, to the fact that one out of eight homes now in […]

Remember former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, the sleazy guy who ran New York state before the current sleazy guy? Spitzer’s former “Manhattan Madame” is now seeking his old job. Davis served four months in prison in 2008 for her involvement in the escort service, which she said was the most successful call girl ring […]