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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but liberals love minorities. The lack of black and Hispanic professors, highlighted in two recent reports critical of the faculty makeup at MIT and Emerson College, is a problem shared by the most prominent universities in the Boston area, a Globe survey reveals. To prove to yourself just how […]

Gates Effect


Might the president’s attempts to get health care legislation through congress be disrupted by the Olympic bid? Could it have a Gates Effect? There has been a growing narrative taking hold about Barack Obama’s presidency in recent weeks: that he is loved by many, but feared by none; that he is full of lofty vision, […]

Bad Hops


Misplaying the ball has been the key to the Obama administration’s response to the arrest, two weeks ago, of Harvard professor Skip Gates. The much anticipated beer summit did nothing to change that. Shoved into a corner of the White House grounds, the Vice President joined Obama and the incident’s principals around a table that […]