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Former Senator Alan Simpson, a member of the president’s special commission on deficit reduction, gives a wonderful insight into his thinking, at least, on social security. The White House’s Deficit Commission has been operating mainly behind closed doors, coming up with a way of cutting entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare that’s politically palatable […]

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of liberals? Only the Dingell Knows. Congressman Dingell was talking to Paul W. Smith on WJR in Detroit. “There are mistakes here as there are with all legislation,” he told host Paul W. Smith. “But remember, the same charges were made by the same people about social […]

Beware of social programs looking to stave off bankruptcy by creating new social programs – and attacking our basic freedoms. Medicaid will cost the Commonwealth (of Massachusetts) $8.6 billion this year, and the costs are increasing much faster than either economic or overall budget growth. That reads to me like, “Medicaid was a mistake.” Between […]

Less is More


An op-ed pushing health care reform under the President’s name appears in today’s New York Times. It complains, predictably, that the facts aren’t getting out. What we haven’t heard are the voices of the millions upon millions of Americans who quietly struggle every day with a system that often works better for the health-insurance companies […]

They call it a safety net, which implies that when an occasional productive person hits a rocky road, there’s some short term help. The recession is driving the safety net of government benefits to an historic high, as one of every six dollars of Americans’ income is now coming in the form of a federal […]

I’ve gotten too old, I suppose, to take this seriously. Tim Geithner, the nervous prep school boy who was given the most important position in the government at this moment, is twitching into the chamber. Now, I know there are some in this chamber and watching at home who are skeptical of whether this plan […]

Having America’s most liberal politicians in control of the government during a financial crisis that REQUIRES over-the-top spending is a formula for disaster. Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are considering major expansions of government-assisted healthcare insurance and unemployment compensation as they begin intensive work this week on a 2-year economic recovery package. We were already […]