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Kitchen Cabinet


This guy might offer the most powerful argument yet for Castro Care.

Monday Smile


Something to hum as you get your week started!

The Memo


Al Sharpton, apparently, didn’t get the memo… Never mention the S word! Some of the American people probably thought they were voting for hope and change when they voted for President Barack Obama on Nov. 4, 2008. But according to Rev. Al Sharpton, they were voting for socialism. “First of all, then we have to […]

Soviet Joy


Last Thursday was the national day of protest over the rising cost of state college tuition. Whatever the kids are paying for an education, they’re obviously not getting their money’s worth. Enjoy the proof in this video from Last week, Glenn Beck exposed more mature America haters. How different are the beliefs of those […]

It’s Done


That’s my prediction. The Democrats will give up on health reform. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that President Barack Obama’s historic health care drive was closer to passage after a high-stakes summit with Republicans opposed to the overhaul. Talking nonsense has been a big part of the project for a long time, and […]

No Gonna Happen


Was the health care summit really about trying to pave the road for jamming the legislation through the senate using the reconciliation tool, inappropriately, to circumvent the filibuster in the senate? My answer. No. President Obama has developed a scaled-down version of health care reform that would cost about a quarter of current plans and […]

Believing Scott


Pollster Scott Rasmussen is regularly attacked by Democrats as a biased, or technically flawed, pollster. Judging from the new attack ad the state Democratic Committee is running against Scott Brown, it seems that when push comes to shove, they are believers. It was a Rasmussen poll released a week ago that showed Scott Brown closing […]

Roof roof!


Democrats know what they’re up to – passing anything is all they need, because once they have a government takeover of health care in place, they can expand it into the destructive force they want it to be. Remember, Medicare and Medicaid, when started, were relatively innocent seeds of socialism. On 60 Minutes last week, […]

One of the cool things we’ve learned about Democrats in the first year of the Obama presidency is that they’re not all that worried about Climate Change. After a stormy session in Copenhagen, in which a vociferous anti-American minority brought the talks close to collapse, most countries agreed simply to “take note” of a watered-down […]

Buy-In Sold


The Medicare Scam, announced last week as part of a compromise replacement of the Public Option is now reportedly off the table, killed by Connecticut almost Democrat Joe Lieberman (see next post down.) Senate Democrats emerged from a special caucus meeting Monday night determined to pass a health-care bill by Christmas — but without the […]

An unintended consequence of having a radical in the White House is that the president’s fellow socialists feel free to speak honestly. In the past, Democrats have pretended to believe in the values of America. With Obama as President, they’re not able to control themselves. This is not good news for them, of course, but […]

Will ObamaCare drive up the cost of health insurance? Here’s what R. Glenn Hubbard, head of the Columbia Business School, says in today’s New York Times. The Obama administration seems to understand the importance of reducing health care costs. But the president’s universal coverage and public option proposals are directly at odds with his emphasis […]

Did the president get greedy on health care – looking for a socialist bonanza instead of just seizing the moment that history offered? One of the most interesting facts of this debate is how, the longer it goes on, the more Americans like their health care coverage just the way it is. Those opposed to […]

Newsweek Magazine has handed over its latest issue and remaining journalistic integrity to Ted Kennedy and his long campaign for universal health care. Teddy talks about his plane accident during Jack’s presidential campaign, as well as his current medical crisis. Last year, I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Surgeons at Duke University Medical […]

Why has the gun crowd been so quiet about Judge Sotomayor? When slavery ended in America after the Civil War, no civil right was more important for black Americans than the right to keep and bear arms. We passed an amendment to the Constitution to make that possible. Now the Supreme Court will decide this […]

Do the Nikita!


Obama’s goal is clear – convert to socialism as quickly as possible, repercussions be damned. President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed budget rules that would allow Congress to borrow tens of billions of dollars and put the nation deeper in debt to jump-start the administration’s emerging health care overhaul. It’s a continuation of the what […]