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Who’s Extreme


Even though the media likes to portray Republicans as the party of extremes, the American people somehow cut through the flack and see the truth. Nearly half of Americans now believe the Democratic Party is too liberal, while some see the Republican Party as slightly more moderate than it was just two years ago. Gallup‘s […]

Republicans need to be unabashed in telling the truth about the leftists – they are not mainstream, they don’t represent the people, they have hidden their true intentions while working quietly to dismantle America.

Dopey Smiley


How much of a dope is Tavis Smiley? The Christianity of the attackers Tavis is referring to is incidental to their activities. They’re not claiming that Christianity justifies their violence.

Liberals may be malicious, but you can’t claim they’re not shrewd. Not only do Democrats pay for their voter’s support using our money, they develop their philosophies and strategies at think tanks that we finance. THE GREATEST injustice in Arizona’s new immigration law is being ignored by the mainstream media. The university system, funded by […]

Scary Guy


Obama radicals would love to see Goodwin Liu on the Supreme Court someday. Right now, though, his nomination to the well-known 9th Circuit in California threatens to become the focal point of the president’s attempts to dramatically liberalize the country. Forty-two California district attorneys have written a scathing letter opposing his nomination. And conservative legal […]

Harry Smith from the CBS Morning Show did a one on one with the president this week, and asked him if he was aware of the level of anti-Obama vitriol – including some calling him a socialist! – in the public square. Barack used the opportunity to take a swing at Rush and Beck.

Penn Gal


A Venezuelan actress has penned a slap down to Sean Penn in response to his whimpering defense of Hugo Chavez. Penn wants charges brought against American journalists who dare to suggest that the duly elected Chavez is a “Venezuelan Dictator!” Even though I have great respect for your artistic talent, I was appalled by a […]